Remember going to the mall to get your portrait taken? #tbt
Today on Veterans Day, we want to extend our deepest gratitude and respect to all who have served and are currently serving in the military. Thank you. 
Pictured is U.S. Marine Sergeant Matthew Callahan, Combat Correspondent. See more of his work featuring service members in our Story.
Members of our community have taught us the best part about sharing your life with a pet is the unconditional love.
Pictured are: 
Etta & Harry 
Mark & Tiki 
Gihee & Bumble
Love & Wanda
Día de los Muertos is an opportunity to celebrate and reconnect with family and friends who have passed on. To honor her abuela, Aimee connected with @creative_faceand_bodyartist to paint her face as a calavera. Aimee will also travel to Nayarit to be with family, cook her grandmother’s favorite foods, and sing her grandmother’s favorite songs. At night they will go to the ofrenda and tell Aimee’s abuela how much they miss her.
#DiadelosMuertos #Calavera
We asked our Facebook community: what monster would you hang out with on #Halloween and what would you do? Here are some of those monster friendships, illustrated by artist and community member, @giuliapintus_illustrazioni
“Stay in and watch soap operas with chupacabras.” -Eric J.
“I would ride motorcycles with the Headless Horseman.” -Becca V.
“I’d spend my Halloween playing fetch with the Wolfman.” -Terrance R.
Okay pet owners, if your pet could tell you their deepest thoughts, what would they say?